Drawing/Presentation app for the iPad co-developed by Jeremy Kemery and me. Available in the App Store.

Why I wanted this app to exist?


  • I wanted an app I could use in class as a whiteboard with the ability to quickly work problems without worrying about creating picture perfect diagrams.
  • I wanted an app that I could pre-create an outline of topics and step through them during class with the ability to easily add new material during class
  • I wanted to import PDFs containing assignments or exams that I could write the solutions so that we can quickly go over the solutions step by step.
  • I wanted to create videos of pre-created "lectures" stepping through examples while recording my voice. reDraw does NOT support recording video in the app but I use AirPlay (with an AirPlay server app on my Mac to show the iPad screen on the Mac and ScreenFlow on the Mac to record and edit them). Someday I would like to add the feature to record/edit videos with reDraw but I don't know how feasible that is given the features I would want it to have.


reDraw is a full-featured note-taking / presentation app.  It supports freehand drawing, text entry via a keyboard, pasting images, and importing PDFs that can be marked up using the drawing tools.  reDraw was designed for use in a classroom, but is versatile enough to be used as a general purpose drawing or note taking app.  A timeline with mark points allows you to step through the text and diagrams you’ve drawn before class, and you can add additional drawings / text based on discussion and questions.  You can share your document with other reDraw users or export as PDF. 

Introductory video


Create presentations using traditional text, or create hand written presentations using the built in drawing tools.  Create drawings using your finger, a stylus, or the Apple Pencil for added precision (full support for Apple Pencil with palm rejection).  


Connect your iPad to a projector or second screen to share your presentations with a Lightning to HDMI adapter or AirPlay Mirroring.  While presenting, you can make live changes to your presentation without exiting presentation mode, making a seamless experience for your audience.


The timeline is the backbone of a reDraw presentation.  The timeline shows the history for each slide in your document.  Set mark points to quickly move to points on the timeline during a presentation.


Organize your reDraw documents in folders within the app.


reDraw includes help within the app to describe how each feature works.  Still need help?  Send us an email at for additional support.

  • Freehand Drawing 
  • Straight Lines and Rectangles 
  • Text 
  • Images 
  • PDFs
  • Export to PDF or reDraw Document 
  • Share with Email, AirDrop, and more 

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