Additional Help
  • Where can I find addition help about GradeA's features?
There are some videos at showing how to use some of the features. Both the full version of GradeA and the demo version of GradA have a help menu with instructions for all of the features.
  • Is there a free demo/trial version available?
Yes, I strongly encourage you to try the free demo version of GradeA before buying it from the Mac App Store. You can find a link to the downloadable app here. The demo version has no time limit, but limits you to five students, five assessments, and five attendance dates.
CSV Import/Export
  • What is the format for each of the comma-separated-value (CSV) import files?

See the GradeA Help menu for a description and sample of each. You can also download sample CSV files here.

Computing Grades
  • Where can I find more information about each of the three grade calculation methods?

See the GradeA Help menu as it contains a description and example of each calculation method.

Taking Attendance
  • How do I change the initial status when I add a new date?

On the Course Settings tab, you can drag and drop each status in the table/list of statuses to re-order them. The first status in the list is the initial status for each student when you add a new date.

  • How do I use the keyboard to take attendance more quickly?

Select a row, press the space bar to display the list of statuses. Use the arrow keys to select the appropriate status and press the space bar again. Use the down arrow to move to the next student and repeat the process. See the video demonstrating this.

  • How do I make the spacebar show attendance status options as shown in the video?

Open System Preferences on your Mac, select Keyboard, and select the "All controls" radio button at the bottom for Full Keyboard Access. 


  • How do I select multiple items in the lists/tables to delete multiple rows ore email multiple students?

You can select all the items in a table by selecting one row and then pressing the Command-A on the keyboard.

You can select a range of rows in a table by selecting the first row in your range and then hold down the shift key while you select the last row in your range.

You can select multiple rows by holding down the command key as you select each additional row.