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Attendance2 data bug

Although I still have not reproduced this problem, I do not have any reports of it in version 1.2.1 or higher so it appears to be fixed. I recommend you continue to backup your data regularly.

I have heard from a few people (about 1% of the people who purchased Attendance2) that after using Attendance2 for a few days, they can no longer open their data file (it hangs with the semi-transparent message that it is opening the file). When they back up the file to Dropbox, the data file is essentially empty (it seems to be 22 bytes which is just enough to indicate the directory structure of the data, but no actual data). So it appears the app is not correctly saving their data.

I have been using the app since January in my classes and have never had this happen so I'm having trouble tracking down the problem. I certainly wouldn't have released the app if I was aware of this since it's not worth the stress for the small amount of money I make from the app. So until I get this figured out, I have temporarily pulled the app from the store. I will be using one of my two "support tickets" with Apple to try to get a number of questions answered to see if those answers can help me track it down.

I am using a new feature in iOS 5 to store/save the data so it's possible the bug is in Apple's code (which would mean there's nothing I can do to fix it until they do) or perhaps I'm not using the code correctly (which is the more likely case) or perhaps the people that are having the problem are doing some combination of steps I had never tried and is leading to the error.

In the meantime, if you are using Attendance2, please backup your data every day. When you are done with your class, use the option to Backup to Dropbox or Backup via email to backup your course. When you are back at your computer, check to see the size of the file. If it's 22 bytes or less than 1KB, something went wrong and you will want to access the backup from the previous day. If you're backing up to Dropbox, you can login to their website (dropbox.com) and restore an earlier version of the file to Dropbox and then import that back into Attendance2.

Unfortunately I have no way to contacting people who purchased the app unless they have contacted me so if your colleagues are using the app, please let them know and tell them to backup the data every day.

If anyone knows of steps that make his happen consistently (i.e., you can take a file, do certain tasks with the app, and it happens - and then if you restore the previous data file and do the same steps, and it immediately happens again, please let me know).

I apologize for this, but since it never happened in seven months of testing, I had no idea there was a problem.

I will post an update when I figure this out and when the update is approved by Apple.

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