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Attendance2 release

Apple has approved the 1.0 release of my new Attendance2 app which requires iOS 5 or higher. I have family visiting next week so I set the release date for Monday July 16, 2012 since I didn't want initial questions when I want to take some time off. This will also give me more time to work on making more videos showing how to use the app. As I announced, the introductory price will be $3.99 for the first week and then on July 23rd the price will move to its regular price of $4.99.

There is more information on the web page for the app (link) including two videos. One video goes through most of the screens so you can see the functionality of the app and the other shows the new more flexible CSV importing of names. I have also started a FAQ for the new app.

The one major feature missing that the original Attendance app has is the random name/groups functionality. I will be working on that later this month and in August along with getting ready for my fall classes.  I hope to have an update with the random functionality late in August or in September.

I am leaving the original Attendance app for sale for anyone who needs an app that runs on iOS 4 and it allows me to provide bug fix updates. I will continue supporting the original app through iOS 6 (which should mean through the summer of 2013). I am currently testing both apps on iOS 6. The original app will never require beyond iOS 4.0 and at the moment I have no plans to require anything higher than iOS 5.0 for Attendance2 (i.e., it will run on both iOS 5 and iOS 6).

Apple approved the update during the time when they were having some DRM issues on a server that was leading to apps crashing on launch. You can read more here. Apple has since fixed the bug so I expect Attendance2 will be fine, but if you get crashes on launch, please let me know (dave256apps (at) me (dot) com). I will purchase it on my wife's iPhone the first day to see if it seems ok.

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