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GradeA 2.0 with attendance support coming soon

I've submitted version 2.0 of GradeA to Apple for them to approve. It adds attendance support to GradeA. Using these new features you will be able to:

  • use GradeA as a stand-alone system to take attendance in addition to recording grades
  • if you also use my iOS Attendance app, you will be able to import your Attendance records into GradeA
  • use GradeA to enter your names and export them into my iOS Attendance alleviating the need to create CSV files for importing into Attendance

If you plan to use GradeA with my iOS Attendance app, you must enter a unique value for the ID (identifier) field for each student as that is the value used to match students between the two program. I have made a few videos showing these upcoming features that you can view at http://gallery.me.com/dave256. Version 2.0 also includes an updated Help file (available from the Help menu of GradeA) describing how to use these new features in more detail.

I will also update the GradeA demo version when Apple approves the new version. Even though the demo version limits you to five students per class, it will support exporting students to your iOS Attendance course. You will be able to enter five names, export them, delete those names from the GradeA file, add up to five more names, and export them.


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