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Attendance 3.5.2 approved

Apple approved Attendance 3.5.2 yesterday that fixes the issue with importing a CSV file from a URL on iOS 3.x. Earlier versions of Attendance were using a method that Apple added in iOS 4.0 so it crashed when that option was used on the iPad or other devices running iOS 3.x. At this point there are no known bugs in Attendance.

The only minor issue remaining is something I cannot fix. If you import names from the Contacts app that have photos, you get the full size photo, not the version you have moved and scaled using the Contacts app. It appears Apple changed the method that accesses the photo to give the original photo so there is nothing I can do to get the version that you have moved and scaled in the Contacts app. If you are importing names from the Contacts app, I recommend you take photos directly in Attendance if you have a device with a camera or use the option to select a photo from your photo library.


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